Riki Dalal’s Summer Lottery was drawn last night!

You will never guess what?

One of our Lori G Bride’s only went and won it!! We are still in absolute shock but so so happy for our Bride @jessicaccraft on not only getting to marry the man of her dreams, finding the most beautiful Riki Dalal wedding dress and now Winning Riki Dalal’s Summer Lottery.. Ahhhhh!

Every Bride to Be that ordered with us between June & August 2018 was automatically entered into Riki Dalal’s Lottery. The winner would get an all expenses paid trip to Israel to meet Riki herself!

Imagine getting to meet the designer of your Wedding Dress and getting to see where it all happens!?

If meeting Riki wasn’t enough you would also get to experience Spa Day’s, Relaxing in the Dead Sea, Sight Seeing in Israel and Eating out at fabulous restaurants! What more could you want!? Riki Dalal really know how to treat their Brides..


Congratulations to our Lori G Bride Jessica, You totally deserve it!


We can not wait to hear all about it and of course see all the photos!

If you too want to see Jessica’s trip of a lifetime you can follow her on Instagram @jessicaccraft and Riki Dalal @rikidalal_bridal and of course we will keep you updated too @lorigbridal

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