Amor Collection from Noya by Riki Dalal

Until today, Riki Dalal fashion house’s collection consisted of 12 designs only, however in this collection, Riki Dalal chose to create 18 different designs in their style, to appeal to a wide range of brides around the world. The Amor Collection includes unique and marvelous silhouettes and various and versatile lace patterns. In this collection Riki Dalal managed to create an innovation that conveys luxury and harmony, not seen for a very long time in the wedding dresses market. The dresses are distinguished by sexy, sophisticated and with the latest elements, lending the dresses a unique, lavish, feminine and bold look. Exceptional lace, feminine silhouettes, deep cuts and extraordinary textures, are an inseparable part of the collection, making it especially loved by dedicated followers of the latest fashion trends.


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