Wilderly Bride Collection from Lori G Bridal

Wilderly Bride

We believe in the details—beading, floral appliqués, dramatic backs, and perfect draping. Every gown features details to set it apart and make the bride shine.

7_a-f107-rose-c4 (Custom)
7_f116-marlowe-f2 (Custom)
7_f113-celeste-c5 (Custom)
7_F111-Fern-C1 (Custom)
7_F124-Stella-F3 (Custom)
7_f102-marigold-s1 (Custom)
7_f117-nadia-c3 (Custom)
7_a-f114-adele-f1 (Custom)
7_f115-lily-c3 (Custom)
7_F109-Poppy-C3 (Custom)
7_a-f110-violet-c1 (Custom)
7_a-f103-jade-c2 (Custom)
7_S-F101-Aria-F (Custom)
7_f120-rory-f5 (Custom)
7_f105-daisy-c2 (Custom)
7_a-f112-opal-c1 (Custom)
7_F121-Selena-B3 (Custom)
7_F122-Layla-C1 (Custom)
7_F100-Camellia-S4 (Custom)
7_F119-Eloise-C4 (Custom)
7_f118-adelaide-c5 (Custom)
7_f106-maya-13 (Custom)
7_F108-Sage-C8 (Custom)
7_F104-Willow-C1 (Custom)
7_F123-Jalyn-F1 (Custom)

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