Riki Dalal Shakespeare Collection

Riki Dalal is pleased to announce the debut of her “Shakespeare Collection” inspired by the writer’s most powerful female characters.
With the strong and influential women of Shakespeare as Dalal’s muse, she conceptualised each gown from her sketch to be worn by brides seeking to stand out and highlight their individuality.

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Lady Macbeth - NB6010 (3) (Custom)
Cordelia - NB6004 (2) (Custom)
Juliet - NB6007 (2) (Custom)
Cordelia - NB6004 (3) (Custom)
Ariel - NB6009 (3) (Custom)
Olivia - NB6008 (Custom)
Helena - NB6005 (2) (Custom)
Miranda - NB6002 (Custom)
Ophelia - NB6011 (3) (Custom)
Miranda - NB6002 (3) (Custom)
Miranda - NB6002 (4) (Custom)
Juliet - NB6007 (3) (Custom)
Bianca - NB6003 (3) (Custom)
Viola - NB6012 (Custom)
Ariel - NB6009 (2) (Custom)
Ophelia - NB6011 (4) (Custom)
Bianca - NB6003 (Custom)
Helena - NB6005 (Custom)
Olivia - NB6008 (3) (Custom)
Lady Macbeth - NB6010 (5) (Custom)
Helena - NB6005 (3) (Custom)
Ophelia - NB6011 (2) (Custom)
Juliet - NB6007 (4) (Custom)
Lavinia - NB6001 (3) (Custom)
Ariel - NB6009 (Custom)
Lavinia - NB6001 (2) (Custom)
Lavinia - NB6001 (Custom)
Juliet - NB6007 (Custom)
Olivia - NB6008 (2) (Custom)
Viola - NB6012 (3) (Custom)
Desdemona - NB6006 (3) (Custom)
Ophelia - NB6011 (Custom)
Viola - NB6012 (4) (Custom)
Miranda - NB6002 (5) (Custom)
Cordelia - NB6004 (4) (Custom)
Miranda - NB6002 (2) (Custom)
Bianca - NB6003 (2) (Custom)
Viola - NB6012 (2) (Custom)
Cordelia - NB6004 (Custom)
Lady Macbeth - NB6010 (Custom)
Desdemona - NB6006 (2) (Custom)
Bianca - NB6003 (4) (Custom)
Desdemona - NB6006 (Custom)
Lady Macbeth - NB6010 (4) (Custom)

Wilderly Bride

We believe in the details—beading, floral appliqués, dramatic backs, and perfect draping. Every gown features details to set it apart and make the bride shine.

7_a-f103-jade-c2 (Custom)
7_F121-Selena-B3 (Custom)
7_f115-lily-c3 (Custom)
7_F111-Fern-C1 (Custom)
7_a-f110-violet-c1 (Custom)
7_F123-Jalyn-F1 (Custom)
7_f118-adelaide-c5 (Custom)
7_a-f112-opal-c1 (Custom)
7_S-F101-Aria-F (Custom)
7_f120-rory-f5 (Custom)
7_F104-Willow-C1 (Custom)
7_f113-celeste-c5 (Custom)
7_f106-maya-13 (Custom)
7_f117-nadia-c3 (Custom)
7_f116-marlowe-f2 (Custom)
7_a-f114-adele-f1 (Custom)
7_a-f107-rose-c4 (Custom)
7_F119-Eloise-C4 (Custom)
7_F109-Poppy-C3 (Custom)
7_f102-marigold-s1 (Custom)
7_f105-daisy-c2 (Custom)
7_F124-Stella-F3 (Custom)
7_F122-Layla-C1 (Custom)
7_F100-Camellia-S4 (Custom)
7_F108-Sage-C8 (Custom)

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Wtoo Collection

Wtoo Logo   It all started 29 years ago with a few handmade dresses for friends and family. Soon Vatana Watters discovered there was a demand for well-designed dresses for special occasions and weddings. By the late 1980’s Watters was a treasured name in the bridal wear industry thanks to hand-stitched details, luxurious fabrics, and innovative designs.

Lenora-sat-down (Custom)
Wtoo-Aquila-front (Custom)
Persiphone (Custom)
wtoo-enid (Custom)
wtoo-siobhan (Custom)
cambria (Custom)
Surei-Wtoo-1 (Custom)
Nelly-Gown (Custom)
wtoo-hathaway (Custom)
wtoo-andrina (Custom)
wtoo-savannah (Custom)
wtoo-jura (Custom)
Wtoo-Anastasia-1 (Custom)
Wtoo-Nina (Custom)
Agnessa (Custom)

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Brighton Belle Collection

Brighton Belle Wedding Dress Logo  Brighton Belle is a dedicated collection of sassy tea length wedding dresses with a retro feel. This vintage inspired collection of short bridal gowns feature details from the 1950’s such as satin collars, sheer sleeves and circular skirts, perfect for dancing in! Every gown is designed and cut to flatter, using high quality fabrics and finishes. Keep it short and sweet with a chic and affordable tea length wedding dress from Brighton Belle for your big day. Find vintage style 1950’s tea length dresses and pretty lace frocks, each unique in character and totally unique.

rosalyn-lori-g (Custom)
demi-lori-G (Custom)
billie-lori-g (Custom)
erib-lori-g (Custom)
bunny-lori-g (Custom)
bea-lori-g (Custom)
elle-lori-g (Custom)
lottie-lori-g (Custom)
bonnie-lori-g (Custom)
mae-lori-g (Custom)
lois-lori-g (Custom)
monique-lori-g (Custom)

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Allure Bridals Collection

Allure Bridals Collection The Allure Bridals collection is beautifully unique. The construction of these gowns is simply fabulous, and each one gives maximum support and structure, creating a beautiful figure. They have won many awards for the design and structure of their beautiful gowns. These gowns are a must!

allure-2959 (Custom)
allure-2951 (Custom)
allure-w386 (Custom)
Allure-woman-W403 (Custom)
W363 (Custom)
W365 (Custom)
Allure-9474 (Custom)
W370 (Custom)
Allure-9362 (Custom)
Allure-9462 (Custom)
Allure-W404 (Custom)
Allure-3055 (Custom)
allure-w330 (Custom)
2853 (Custom)
Allure-3067 (Custom)
9250 (Custom)
Allure-9459 (Custom)
9254 (Custom)
allure-2967 (Custom)
Allure-9452 (Custom)

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True Bride Collection

TB   We have a stunning collection of True Bride gowns. True Bride are a UK based design company. Their designs range from slim and slinky to full and romantic. Using a wide range of fabrics, beautiful laces, soft tulle, crisp taffetas and satins.


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True by Nicki Flynn

Nicki Flynn Logo An exciting fresh new collection of bridal gowns, with cutting edge designs and beautiful construction. Using chiffons, organza, satin, mikado, taffeta fabrics with beautiful laces, embroidery’s and detailed beadwork.

Bethany-by-Nicki-Flynn-lori-g-derby (Custom)
Pearl-by-Nicki-Flynn-lori-g-derby (Custom)

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Richard Designs

Richard Designs is a family owned and run business, founded over 30 years ago. In that time we have grown to become the leading designer and manufacturer of bridal accessories in the UK


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