Allure Bridals from Lori G Bridal Studio

Allure Bridals Collection

Allure Bridals Collection The Allure Bridals collection is beautifully unique. The construction of these gowns is simply fabulous, and each one gives maximum support and structure, creating a beautiful figure. They have won many awards for the design and structure of their beautiful gowns. These gowns are a must!

Allure-woman-W403 (Custom)
9250 (Custom)
allure-w386 (Custom)
Allure-W404 (Custom)
Allure-3067 (Custom)
W363 (Custom)
Allure-9474 (Custom)
Allure-9452 (Custom)
Allure-3055 (Custom)
Allure-9459 (Custom)
W370 (Custom)
Allure-9462 (Custom)
allure-2967 (Custom)
Allure-9362 (Custom)
allure-w330 (Custom)
2853 (Custom)
allure-2959 (Custom)
allure-2951 (Custom)
9254 (Custom)
W365 (Custom)

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